Comparison and Contrast Essay

If you are a high school student, college or a university student, whether you are from arts, science or humanities group, comparison essay is the most common type of essay you have to write. As the name clearly suggests, it is about comparison. The comparison or relationship could be between ideas, phenomenon or and two subjects. You have to define the similarities as well as the difference between two subjects under discussion.

Reading this simple definition makes it sound simple enough. However, when you actually start writing these comparison and contrast essays, they need not only time but a huge amount of effort in research. You have to separately study the two subjects and then evaluate them so that you can write their similarities and differences. Considering the amount of homework, tests and assignments you get on weekly basis, it is very difficult to manage this type of essay especially of it is required on a short deadline. You cannot submit a half done or ill prepared comparison essay because it will not only lose you top grade but will also hurt your reputation inform of the instructor.

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